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In nearly every profession, the technology available advances faster than the industry is able to upgrade. Their war is to enhance efficiency while our principle is to provide quality, hence there will always be a lag time between introduction of new technology and utilization of what’s new.

While it’s impossible to catch up immediately, we strive to keep up to date as possible. Rest assured that the technology our company uses is the best available not only here in the Fort Worth area, but the country.   Our restoration methodology is anchored in a precise and measured scientific approach. We produce better and faster results by utilizing the most up-to-date techniques and equipment for drying and extraction in the industry to address your water, fire, mold, or biohazard damage.

Quick Dry

This system provides exceptional drying based on accurately recorded readings of the dryness of various surfaces on your property which are then used to monitor the drying process of water damaged areas. This ensures optimal water damage mitigation to prevent total loss.

Priority Response

Our claims management system quickly notifies us of property loss assignments, allows us to collect and record data pertaining to the job, and sends timely reports to the insurance company, adjuster or claims manager. This empowers us to work more efficiently on your behalf. Insurers will have real-time access to information pertaining to your property restoration, including moisture readings and mappings, photo and job diary documentation, as well as digital captures of your signature.

Onsight LKQ

Our floor covering valuation system from LKQ Technologies reduces the time and costs required for our professionals to make accurate assessments regarding the value of flooring on your property. This process negates the need to cut into the material to obtain a sample for lab analysis to determine its like, kind, and quality (LKQ), which can take days up to weeks, and cause damage to your floor. Within minutes, the database containing tens of thousands of manufacturing characteristics can produce a single flooring match and corresponding value based on the measurements inputted. We can also take into account information provided by property owners to assist us in narrowing down possible matches. We can successfully identify over 90% of residential flooring without the need for a lab analysis. A detailed report will be generated upon completion of the assessment for submission to your insurance provider. This technology allows us to close claims faster and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Whatever your goal is, we have the quality of service to back up our promises. The quality of our service is backed by our outstanding systems. It is a never ending cycle to provide you with the best help possible for your property restoration needs.