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Mold Solutions

Where there’s water, organic matter, and a space to grow, there is mold. There are many places and opportunities for mold to grow in your home if given time. One of the main causes is water damage from a pre-existing or recent water damage problem. Water trapped in the drywall of your ceiling, or between layers in your carpeting, is an excellent breeding ground for mold.

Some at home remedies may seem to work in treatment, pouring down and cleaning with bleach, or some other “magic trick” gleaned from the forums of a seemingly legit discussion site, but make no mistake, that short term solutions are exactly that…short term solutions. Soon, the problem rears it’s ugly head again, and soon you find yourself stuck on an infinite loop of bleach and sponges.

The only true way to deal with a mold problem once and for all is to destroy the spores, and disinfect the area in which to lead to the cessation of future growth. Our experts in mold removal come equipped with extensive knowledge of various mold types and causes in which to properly assess both causation and treatment of the affected areas.

After booking an appoint with us for mold treatment, a member of our assessment team will come to your home to deliver an inspection and determine the cause and treatment of the area, and arm you with an appointment date/time and estimation of services. After which our mold specialist will soon arrive to begin treatment.

During the process, and afterward, our specialist will give you all pertinent information regarding process and reasoning in which to ensure that you are fully armed with knowledge for the future, and how to be preventative from facing any more situations of mold infestation. The best prevention is a proper preparation, though of course some causes are relatively unavoidable.

We ensure that our specialists will get to the root of the issue, and deal with any spreading before it becomes a much larger issue. In drywall, our personnel can remove and replace the problem area. And the same goes for tile, carpeting, flooring, and more. We ensure that our treatment is not only thorough but seen through with the utmost care from the first step to the last.

In assuring to treat both the problem and the cause, you can rest assured that your mold issues will soon be a thing of the past as our specialist goes to work on the affected areas. In locating, harvesting, and destroying the mold and it’s spores, we can assure that the problem is not only dealt with, but assures that it will continue to be dealt with long after our departure.

Certain strains of mold can cause serious health issues, inflaming asthma sufferers, causing other respiratory illnesses, and even lead to death in extreme circumstances. We highly assert that any mold issue is cause for consultation at the least, and outright removal for safe measures in the long run. Call us today to book an appointment for estimation or consultation and you will be one step closer to being completely mold free.