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After a fire has ravaged your home, it is important to have the damage evaluated quickly by an experienced property restoration company. Our expert restoration technicians understand that time is of the essence when it comes to repairing fire and smoke damage. Accordingly, we have an extremely fast response time and technicians who know what they’re doing. We also know that a house fire can be financially devastating; thus, our service costs are very reasonable.

We fully understand that a fire damaged property causes much more than just physical damage to the structure in question. Homeowners and their families are typically quite traumatized and emotional after a fire has swept through their home. A house fire can be destructive and devastating, and often leaves residents temporarily without a place to live.

Because a fire can be so financially draining, it can be tempting to try to do some of the fire damage clean-up on your own in order to save a few dollars. Please know that doing so is quite ill-advised and unsafe! Your attempts may actually cause more damage and can be very dangerous. You simply must team up with our Fort Worth water damage and smoke damage team rather than taking on the job yourself. Even if your home was not completely devastated during the fire, you should not be living in the home until it has been properly and professionally restored.

Even though you are undoubtedly dealing with strong emotions at a time like this, it is critical to attend to the smoke and fire damage as quickly as possible. The reason for this is the settling that occurs after a fire leaves a layer of soot over everything in the areas of the home that were damaged by the fire. The residual damage caused by smoke and ash can include corroded surfaces, discoloration and a very strong and unpleasant smell.

In addition to any leftover soot, ash and smoke, the chemicals and water used by firefighters are very likely to cause water damage to your home on top of the damage caused by the fire and smoke. The longer your home is left untreated after a fire, the more extensive the damage will become. Our team also specializes in water damage restoration. Fort Worth residents call us whether they have experienced a flooded basement or a house fire  (or both).

As the layer of soot and ash combines with synthetic materials in your home (these materials can be found in carpeting, laminate flooring, window treatments, paint, furniture, electronics, etc) a process called combustion can occur. Combustion will release harmful gases into the air, making it toxic for humans and animals to breathe.

We want to help you get your home back to the condition it was in before the fire. Our fire and smoke restoration team members have the skills needed to remove all signs of fire from your property. Along with trying as hard as we can to save important memorabilia, we will ensure that your home is safe for your family to live in once again. Additionally, we will give you a quote before beginning any restoration work, and we will work with your insurance company throughout the restoration process.